Thoughts and Counsels of the Saints for January

For each day in January:


THERE are two guarantees of a wise rule of conduct: the thought before action, and self-command afterward.—ST. IGNATIUS.


When we receive with an entire and perfect resignation the afflictions which God sends us they become for us favors and benefits; because conformity to the will of God is a gain far superior to all temporal advantages.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


All perfection consists in the love of God; and the perfection of divine love consists in the union of our will with that of God.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


Leave to every one the care of what belongs to him, and disturb not thyself with what is said or done in the world.—ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.


Place before your eyes as models for imitation, not the weak and cowardly, but the fervent and courageous.—ST. IGNATIUS.


Prayer is a pasturage, a field, wherein all the virtues find their nourishment, growth, and strength.—ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA.


A single act of resignation to the divine will in what it ordains contrary to our desires, is of more value than a hundred thousand successes conformable to our will and taste.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


The shortest, yea, the only way to reach sanctity, is to conceive a horror for all that the world loves and values.—ST. IGNATIUS.


As long as we are in this mortal life, nothing is more necessary for us than humility.—ST. TERESA.


Learning without humility has always been pernicious to the Church; and as pride precipitated the rebellious angels from heaven, it frequently causes the loss of learned men.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


Why remain sad and idle? Why exhaust thyself in the anguish of melancholy? Have courage, do violence to thyself; meditate on the passion of Jesus Christ, and thou shalt overcome thy sorrow.—BL. HENRY SUSO.


Here is the difference between the joys of the world and the cross of Jesus Christ: after having tasted the first, one is disgusted with them; and on the contrary, the more one partakes of the cross, the greater the thirst for it.—ST. IGNATIUS.


When the sky is free from clouds we can see more clearly the brightness of the sun. In like manner, when the soul is free from sin and the gloom of passion, it participates in the divine light.—VEN. LOUIS DE GRANADA.


Our works are of no value if they be not united to the merits of Jesus Christ.—ST. TERESA.


If we are very determined to mortify ourselves and not to be too much occupied with our corporal health, we will soon, by the grace of God, become masters of our bodies.—ST. TERESA.


In every creature, however small it be, we may see a striking image of divine wisdom, power, and goodness.—VEN. BARTHOLOMEW OF MARTYRS.


Time is but a period. It passes like the lightning flash. Suffering passes with time; suffering, then, is very short.—BL. HENRY SUSO.


In order to bear our afflictions with patience, it is very useful to read the lives and legends of the saints who endured great torments for Jesus Christ.—ST. TERESA.


Open thine ears to the voices of nature, and thou shalt hear them in concert inviting thee to the love of God.—VEN. LOUIS OF GRANADA.


On the feasts of the saints consider their virtues, and beseech God to deign to adorn you with them.—ST. TERESA.


When faith grows weak, all virtues are weakened. When faith is lost, all virtues are lost—ST. ALPHONSUS.


A precious crown is reserved in heaven for those who perform all their actions with all the diligence of which they are capable; for it is not sufficient to do our part well; it must be done more than well.—ST. IGNATIUS.


Nothing created has ever been able to fill the heart of man. God alone can fill it infinitely.—ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.


We should only make use of life to grow in the love of God.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


In vain men try. They can never find in creatures sincere affection, perfect joy, or true peace.—BL. HENRY SUSO.


God is supreme strength, fortifying those who place their trust and confidence in Him.—ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA.


God gives each one of us sufficient grace ever to know His holy will, and to do it fully.—ST. IGNATIUS.


Shun useless conversation. We lose by it both time and the spirit of devotion.—ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.


The upright intention is the soul of our actions. It gives them life and makes them good.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


The truth of faith alone, deeply graven in the soul, is sufficient to encourage us to very perfect works; for it strengthens man and increases his charity.—ST. TERESA.


It is folly not to think of death. It is greater folly to think of it, and not prepare for it.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


This is taken from Thoughts and Counsels of the Saints for Every Day of the Year.





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