Religious muralSpiritual Concepts of a General Nature


The links below lead to pages that discuss spiritual concepts and subjects from a perspective that is not specifically exclusive to one set of religious beliefs. 

Alchemy and Alchemical Practices


Ancient Oracles


Ancient Religions, by John Lord


Ancient Philosophy


Astrology and the Tarot


Biographical Index to Prominent Religious and Spiritual Persons


Bygone Beliefs, by H. Stanley Redgrove


Demonic Possession and Exorcism


Do Animals Have Souls?


Ghost Story, by Lafcadio Hearn


Glossary of Religious and Spiritual Terms


A Guide to Stoicism, by St. George William Joseph Stock


Intelligent Design: Law and Design in Nature


Judgment and the Heart


Karma and Forgiveness, by Florence Scovel Shinn


Mental Dependence, by Christian D. Larson


Morning Prayer


My Sanctuary


Mystic Will, by Charles G. Leland


Myth, Ritual, and Religion, by Andrew Lang


Of Atheism, by Francis Bacon


Pagan Society


The Power of Concentration, by Theron Q. Dumont


Questionable Amusements and Worthy Substitutes


Praying for Money


Prisoners of Our Possessions


Religion of the Greeks and Romans


Religious Philately




Seeress of Prevorst




Spiritual Environmentalism


Spirituality and Law Enforcement


Spirituality and Management, by M.P. Bhattathiri


Ten Rules for Life


Various Essays Related to Spirituality and Associated Subjects


Veneration and Invocation of Saints


What Are the Seven Deadly Sins?


What Is Religion?