Thoughts and Counsels of the Saints for March

For each day in March:


IT SEEMS as if God granted to other saints to free us from some particular needfulness; but I know by experience that the glorious St. Joseph assists us generally in all our necessities.—ST. TERESA.


A most powerful and efficacious remedy for all evils, a means of correcting all imperfections, of triumphing over temptation, and preserving our hearts in an undisturbed peace, is conformity with the will of God.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


It often happens that when we take less care of our body, we have better health than when we bestow upon it too much care.—ST. TERESA.


Do nothing, say nothing before considering if that which you are about to say or do is pleasing to God, profitable to yourself, and edifying to your neighbor.—ST. IGNATIUS.


Sometimes God leaves us for a long time unable to effect any good, that we may learn to humble ourselves, and never to glory in our efforts.— ST. VINCENT FERRER.


We easily lose peace of mind, because we make it depend, not on the testimony of a good conscience, but on the judgment of men.—BL. BARTHOLOMEW OF MARTYRS.


You may fast regularly, give alms, and pray without ceasing, but as long as you hate your brother, you will not be numbered among the children of God.—VEN. LOUIS DE BLOIS.


He who at the hour of death finds himself protected by St. Joseph, will certainly experience great consolation.—ST. TERESA.


Take care that the worldling does not pursue with greater zeal and anxiety the perishable goods of this world than you do the eternal.—ST. IGNATIUS.


We should consider our departed brethren as living members of Jesus Christ, animated by His grace, and certain of participating one day of His glory. We should therefore love, serve, and assist them as far as is in our power.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


Control thy senses, guard thy mouth, bridle thy tongue, subjugate thy heart, bear all provocation with charity, and thou shalt perfectly fulfil the will of God.—BL. HENRY SUSO.


Our perfection consists in uniting our will so intimately with God's will, that we will only desire what He wills. He who conforms most perfectly to the will of God will be the most perfect Christian.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


Humility, modesty, sobriety, purity, piety, and prudence, with meekness, ornament the soul, and make us live on earth a truly angelic life.—BL. JORDAN OF SAXONY.


In recalling to mind the life and actions of the saints, walk in their footsteps as much as possible, and humble thyself if thou canst not attain to their perfection.—ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.


When the devil again tempts you to sin, telling you that God is merciful, remember that the Lord showeth mercy to them that fear Him, but not to them who despise Him.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


In prayer we should particularly combat our predominant passion or evil inclination. We should devote continual attention to it, because when it is once conquered we will easily obtain the victory over all our other faults.—ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.


I will carefully consider how, on the day of judgment, I would wish to have discharged my office or my duty; and the way I would wish to have done it then I shall do now.—ST. IGNATIUS.


It is well to deny ourselves that which is permitted, in order to avoid more easily that which is not.—ST. BENEDICT.


I have noticed that all persons who have true devotion to St. Joseph and tender him special honor, are very much advanced in virtue, for he takes great care of souls who recommend themselves to him; and I have never asked of him anything which he did not obtain for me.—ST. TERESA.


He who forgets himself in the service of God may be assured that God will not forget Him.—ST. IGNATIUS.


Let all our actions be directed to the end that God may be glorified in all things.—ST. BENEDICT.


He who suffers in patience, suffers less and saves his soul. He who suffers impatiently, suffers more and loses his soul.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


When we remember or hear that the enemies of the Church burn and destroy God's temples, we should grieve therefor; but we should also rejoice much when we see new ones built, and we should co-operate in their erection as much as we possibly can.—ST. TERESA.


We should carefully beware of giving ourselves so completely to any employment as to forget to have recourse to God from time to time.—ST. TERESA.


Our Lady, deign to intercede for us sinners with thy divine Son, our Lord, and obtain of Him a blessing for us in our trials and tribulations!—ST. IGNATIUS.


Whoever would follow Jesus Christ, must walk in His footsteps, if he would not go astray.—ST. TERESA.


Let us thank God for having called us to His holy faith. It is a great gift, and the number of those who thank God for it is small.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


The trials of life cease to oppress us if we accept them for the love of God.—VEN. LOUIS DE GRANADA.


If you wish to take up your abode in the tabernacle of the heavenly kingdom, you must reach there through your good works, without which you can not hope to enter.—ST. BENEDICT.


It is a great folly to be willing to violate the friendship of God, rather than the law of human friendship.—ST. TERESA.


When the afflictions of this life overcome us, let us encourage ourselves to bear them patiently by the hope of heaven.—ST. ALPHONSUS.


This is taken from Thoughts and Counsels of the Saints for Every Day of the Year.





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