The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries

By W.Y. Evans Wentz




Taking of Evidence

Evidence in Ireland

The Fairy Folk of Tara

Evidence From Kilmessan, Near Tara

In the Valley of the Boyne

The Testimony of an Irish Priest

More Irish Testimony

More Irish Testimony, Part II

Apparitions from Fairyland

Fairy Faith in Scotland

Evidence of Fairies in Scotland

Fairies in the Isle of Man

Fairy Faith in Wales

Fairy Faith in Cornwall

Fairy Faith in Brittany

Fairies in Brittany, continued

The Breton Legend of the Dead

The Celtic Fairy-Faith as part of a World-wide Animism

The Smallness of Elvish Spirits and Fairies

Alchemical and Mystical Theory of Fairies

The Changeling Belief

Fairies, Magic, and Witchcraft

Fairies and Exorcisms

Fairy Taboos

People of the Goddess Dana

Brythonic Divinities

Celtic Otherworld

Doctrine of Rebirth

Rebirth Among the Modern Celts

Testimony of Archaeology

Testimony of Paganism

Testimony of Christianity

Cult of Fairies, Spirits, and the Dead

Science and Fairies



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