History of the Catholic Church

Jesus Christ

From the Renaissance to the French Revolution


Lic. Theol. (Maynooth), Ph.D. (Freiburg i. B.), Professor of Ecclesiastical History, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth


Table of Contents



The Renaissance

Political and Social Conditions of Europe

The Religious Condition of Europe

The Religious Revolution in Germany

Zwingli in Switzerland

Reformation in Northern Europe

Calvinism in Switzerland

Calvinism in France

Calvinism in the Netherlands

The Counter-Reformation

The Council of Trent

Reforming Activity of the Popes

Religious Orders and the Counter-Reformation

The Thirty Years War

Catholic Missions


The Molonist Controversy


The Immaculate Conception


The Copernican System

Progress of Theological Studies

New Controversies and Errors


Febronianism and Josephism

Jansenism, Again


Anti-Christian Philosophy of the Eighteenth Century

Aufklarung Movement in Germany


Suppression of the Society of Jesus

Failure of Attempts at Reunion – Protestant Sects

The Papacy

Theological Studies and Religious Life

Religious Condition in England Before the Reformation

Religious Changes Under Henry VIII and Edward VI

Catholic Reaction in the Reign of Queen Mary

Reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558 – 1603)

Catholicism in England from 1603 to 1750

The Reformation in Scotland

Religion in Ireland During the Fifteenth Century

Church in Ireland During Reign of Henry VIII and Edward VI

Church in Ireland During the Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth

The Church in Ireland During the Reign of the Stuarts

The Penal Laws