Star of Wisdom


By James Allen


Vishnu with Shridevi


Star that of the birth of Vishnu,
    Birth of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus,
    Told the wise ones, Heavenward looking,
    Waiting, watching for thy gleaming
    In the darkness of the night-time,
    In the starless gloom of midnight;
    Shining Herald of the coming
    Of the kingdom of the righteous;   

Teller of the Mystic story
    Of the lowly birth of Godhead
    In the stable of the passions,
    In the manger of the mind-soul;
    Silent singer of the secret
    Of compassion deep and holy
    To the heart with sorrow burdened,
    To the soul with waiting weary:–   

Star of all-surpassing brightness,
    Thou again dost deck the midnight;
    Thou again dost cheer the wise ones
    Watching in the creedal darkness,
    Weary of the endless battle
    With the grinding blades of error;
    Tired of lifeless, useless idols,
    Of the dead forms of religions;   

Spent with watching for thy shining;
    Thou hast ended their despairing;
    Thou hast lighted up their pathway;
    Thou hast brought again the old Truths
    To the hearts of all thy Watchers;
    To the souls of them that love thee
    Thou dost speak of Joy and Gladness,
    Of the peace that comes of Sorrow.   

Blessed are they that can see thee,
    Weary wanderers in the Night-time;
    Blessed they who feel the throbbing,
    In their bosoms feel the pulsing
    Of a deep Love stirred within them
    By the great power of thy shining.
    Let us learn thy lesson truly;
    Learn it faithfully and humbly;   

Learn it meekly, wisely, gladly,
    Ancient Star of holy Vishnu,
    Light of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus.



This is taken from The Way of Peace.