Are We Not All God’s Children?


God's Children


Are we not all God’s children?
May not we all agree
That God, the One Who made us,
Must love us equally?

Does God care of our color?
Does God care of our race?
Was it not He Who made us,
Children all, with equal place?

Does God care of our status,
Or honors at our door?
Could He feel pride for any,
If one of us is poor?

Does God care of our income,
Or marvel at our wealth,
Save what is used for others,
To bring the sick to health?

Does God care for our battles,
Or wish to see us fight?
What parent wants his children
To give each other slight?

Does God care of our doctrines,
Or note our different creeds?
Or does He, much more likely,
Judge us by our thoughts and deeds?

God loves us all, His children;
Let us His love repay
By loving one another
On this, and every day.

— Anonymous