Astrological Signs and Correspondences


Astrological correspondenceMost of us know that each astrological sign has its own ruling planet, but there are other, less direct astrological correspondences as well.  Below, we’ve listed each of the twelve signs of the zodiac with its related planet, gemstone, color, metal, flower, herb, number, and body area.


Planet:  Mars
Gemstone:  Diamond
Color:  Red
Metal:  Iron
Flower:  Gorse
Herb:  Paprika
Number:  9
Body Area:  Head


Planet:  Venus
Gemstone:  Emerald
Color:  Blue
Metal:  Copper
Flower:  Hawthorne
Herb:  Rosemary
Number:  6
Body Area:  Neck, thyroid


Planet:  Mercury
Gemstone:  Agate
Color:  Yellow
Metal:  Platinum
Flower:  Yellow rose
Herb:  Lavender
Number:  5
Body Area:  Arms, hands


Planet:  Moon
Gemstone:  Moonstone
Color:  Violet
Metal:  Silver
Flower:  Water Lily       
Herb:  Balm 
Number:  2
Body Area:  Chest, stomach


Planet:  Sun
Gemstone:  Peridot
Color:  Orange
Metal:  Gold
Flower:  Heliotrope
Herb:  Borage
Number:  1
Body Area:  Heart, back


Planet:  Mercury
Gemstone:  Sapphire
Color:  Gray
Metal:  Steel
Flower:  Morning Glory
Herb:  Fennel
Number: 5
Body Area:  Nervous system


Planet:  Venus
Gemstone:  Opal
Color:  Purple
Metal:  Copper
Flower:  Red rose
Herb: Sage
Number:  6
Body Area:  Kidneys


Planet:  Pluto
Gemstone:  Topaz
Color:  Indigo
Metal:  Iron
Flower:  Heather
Herb:  Basil
Number:  9
Body Area:  Reproductive organs


Planet:  Jupiter
Gemstone:  Turquoise
Color:  White
Metal:  Tin
Flower:  Chrysanthemum
Herb:  Sage
Number:  3
Body Area:  Liver


Planet:  Saturn
Gemstone:  Garnet
Color:  Black
Metal:  Lead
Flower:  Hyacinth
Herb:  Comfrey
Number:  8
Body Area:  Thighs, knees, skeletal system, skin


Planet:  Uranus
Gemstone:  Amethyst
Color:  Light blue
Metal:  Silver
Flower:  Daisy
Herb:  Thyme
Number:  4
Body Area:  Calves, ankles


Planet:  Neptune
Gemstone:  Aquamarine
Color:  Green
Metal:  Aluminum
Flower:  Primrose
Herb:  Parsley
Number:  7
Body Area:  Feet, lymphatic system


C. J. S. Thompson, in The Mystery and Romance of Astrology, writes, “The parts of the body originally allotted to and said to be governed by the signs of the Zodiac were as follows: Aries, the ram, the head and the face.  Taurus, the bull, the neck and throat.  Gemini, the twins, the arms and the shoulders.  Cancer, the crab, the breast and stomach.  Leo, the lion, the back and the heart.  Virgo, the virgin, the viscera.  Libra, the scales, the veins and the bladder.  Scorpio, the scorpion, the generative organs.  Sagittarius, the archer, the hips and the thighs.  Capricorn, the goat-fish, the knees.  Aquarius, the water-pourer, the legs and ankles.  Pisces, the fish, the feet and toes.  It is easy to understand from this, how certain diseases also came to be associated with the signs.  Thus Aries, ruling the head and face, was believed to produce smallpox, epilepsy, headaches, baldness, ringworm and apoplexy.  Taurus; all diseases of the throat, scrofula, quinsy and wens.  Gemini; diseases of the arms and shoulders, frenzy, fevers, disorders of the brain and insanity.  Cancer; dropsy, cancer, consumption, asthma, and disorders affecting the stomach.  Leo; diseases of the heart, plague, convulsions, jaundice, pleurisy, and fevers.  Virgo; ruled all diseases affecting the viscera.  Libra; diseases of the blood and the bladder.  Scorpio; diseases of the generative organs and scurvy.  Sagittarius; gout, rheumatism, sciatica, muscular pains and disorders caused by intemperance.  Capricorn; hysteria, leprosy, melancholia, and cutaneous diseases.  Aquarius; diseases affecting the legs and ankles, dislocations, lameness, cramps and swellings in those parts.  Pisces; lameness, pains in the feet, also acne and ulcers.”


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